Tiki Leff


my name is tiki and my life revolves around general nonsense, but i'm completely serious at least 50% of the time that i say i am.

i'm a photographer. i model too.
i grew up in connecticut.
i went to college at depaul university in chicago.
i have a bachelor's degree in media, art and design with a concentration in photography.
art history minor.
i go to northeastern university in boston.
i'm in the process of earning my master's degree in digital media management.
i lived in ireland for a few months.
i then grew addicted to irish cider.
i'm also addicted to peanut butter.
i love zebras. they hate me for stealing their style.
playstation born and raised.
tattoos and piercings are part of my lifestyle.
i know the first 151 pokemon; everything after that is a fauxkemon.
i can uphold an intelligent conversation.
i can also talk about the blackhawks for hours.
i live fast and don't worry about dying young.
if it's crazy, then yes, i am interested.

i understand that i am an adult now.
i only care about that fact when i have to.
i work hard and i party hard, no exceptions.
i'm going to be more successful than anyone can imagine.
i don't let anything stand in my way.

i believe in dance parties.
i don't believe in space star ordering.
if you get that joke, good for you.
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